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Child Advocacy Trust Uganda

Providing support for orphans and single mothers

Nnume peter katagaya

Dear family praise God,

I am humbled to write to you this day here in Uganda.

We are a registered charity organization called CHILD ADVOCACY CAT UGANDA and we preach the gospel of Christ and at the same time, we help the orphans, street kids, and also widows.

We help them in various ways including feeding, accommodation, Education, medication, etc.

Before covid, I was renting a home for the children but when covid came in I was not able to pay rent because I had no money coming in. The landlord pushed us out of the house and till now the children have nowhere to stay. Some of them are staying with the widows but very squeezed in a small house. So we have no food to feed them and also clean water for drinking.


We need a borehole which can help us get clean water, it costs $3200 when it is complete. Once we get it I am sure the children will not suffer from malaria anymore.

Regarding food we had a plan of buying land like 8 acres, on that land we will build a home for the children, a church, playground, school and we use the remaining part for farming in that we can be growing our own food. The cost of that land is $25000 and I pray that we get it and we do God’s work well.

We are legit and our office is here in Kampala Uganda, our children are in different places, the reason is that we no longer have a home, and taking care of them is becoming a problem.

So please I kindly request your support and God will bless you.
For any question please your free to ask and I will be able to answer. God bless you.

Peter Katagaya Nnume
CEO child advocacy cat Uganda

Our New Office

Our New Office


Please my friends we gonna do the charity outreach in October 15th and we gonna preach the gospel to the people who are not saved and also pray for the sick, the suffering, the hungry and every kind of people so you can donate to us as they are listed below.

We also need Bibles so you can also be a good Samaritan and you can look at the suffering people. You can visit our office in Nansana or you can also contact us on the info below. You can also donate on our website or even our bank account in the names of child advocacy cat Uganda, 09400050001, Bank of Africa Uganda, Nansana street, Swift code AFRIUGKA.


Bible Donations

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